UpBup Daxko Integration


Need to manage childcare forms for various programs within your nonprofit? Tired of tracking forms manually on paper or with email?  UpBup streamlines the collection of forms across your network while providing secure access to resources at the program or regional level.

Need to vary forms and questions by program type, location, or brand? UpBup allows form templates to be reused across the network while also enabling flexibility to vary any form by program or region.

Can your parents easily apply for Financial Assistance? Reduce barriers for parents by allowing them to also apply for various types of financial assistance, upload income verification documents and enroll in CACFP in 100+ languages.

UpBup sets everything up so you can streamline the collection of any enrollment, health, emergency, consent forms or any scans of verification documents. Easily manage children across programs(School Age, Early Ed, and Camps) and financial assistance departments, while parents have access to their children from a single, user-friendly account.

With Integration —-> Add children (and parents) from Daxko:

  • Real-time search of Daxko to find children by Name and/or Location.
  • Smart status to identity children already added to UpBup
  • Copy single child or  multiple children at once.

Add children to Daxko:

  • Smart buttons make it simple to add only children who do not exist in Daxko.
  • 1
    Unified Management

    Seamlessly merge Daxko Operations with UpBup for a cohesive management platform.

  • 2
    Efficiency Boost

    Say goodbye to manual data entry and leverage the value of your existing data in Daxko Operations.

  • 3
    Bidirectional Synchronization

    Ensure data consistency and integrity, eliminating the hassle of duplicate records.

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100+ Languages

Patented language technology enables form questions to be in 100+ languages while submitted forms are in English.

Mobile Optimized

iPhone & Android app capabilities without the need to download.

E-Sign Capablities

Save time, frustration, and become more secure with e-signatures!