100+ Languages

Patented language technology enables form questions to be in 100+ languages while submitted forms are in English.

Mobile Optimized

iPhone & Android app capabilities without the need to download.

E-Sign Capablities

Save time, frustration, and become more secure with e-signatures!

UpBup Solutions

UpBup solves these forms management problems by streamlining the process to allow for parents to complete, sign, and submit forms digitally. Our technology allows forms to be completed in over 100 languages, and our electronic forms can match any existing form templates that may be required for licensing or compliance. UpBup allows for providers to review the forms online, and then print a hardcopy for a child’s records if needed. Forms can state, local or unique to your program.

Multi-Site Forms Management

UpBup’s forms inheritance allows form templates to be used across the network while enabling flexibility to vary forms and questions by site, region, or brand. Providers can easily manage children across programs, while parents have access to their children from a single, user-friendly account.

How it Works

Runtime 1:36

  • Customize forms and questions by site, region or brand
  • Manage children across programs
  • Electronically signed forms that match your paper forms
  • Physical Exam Assistant - Automatically request and remind parents to upload exams to UpBup
  • CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility forms
  • Financial Assistance Applications with verification documents
  • Applications with payments
  • Staff forms

Coordinated Eligibility & Enrollment

UpBup’s technology allows parents to apply for publicly funded childcare – in over 100 languages – through a simple and straightforward process. Our mobile responsive application allows parents to apply and upload verification documents, such as birth certificates and paystubs, without the burden of downloading an app. Hubs can then certify eligibility and match and place children with a provider. Providers are automatically notified when a child is assigned to their program, and providers may access parent and child information to finalize enrollment, while providing real time updates regarding a child’s status within the program.

  • Apply & upload verification docs
  • Eligibility list & certification
  • Coordinated enrollment & provider placement
  • Proxy management
  • Same parent account for application (funding) & childcare enrollment

Happy Customers

30,000 forms submitted within only a few months

“At the YMCA of Greater Boston we rolled out UpBup across our entire service area of before & after school programs and early learning centers. With ~ 30,000 forms submitted within a few months we know UpBup has had an impact across our broad network of programs, and is by our side as we deepen the work in our communities.”

- Seth Lucas

Association Director,
Child Development
YMCA of Greater Boston, Massachusetts’ largest provider of licensed childcare.

Rolled out UpBup to over 350 families

“I always felt there had to be a better way to get the information and signatures we need for enrollment. Chasing after and nagging parents was not effective or fun. We tried lots of low tech fixes ourselves over the years and never solved the problem for ourselves or for parents. Then along came UpBup!”

- Katy Donovan

Executive Director
Campus Child Care, Inc.
(An independent, non-profit corporation serving Harvard University and the surrounding communities.)

UpBup has made our jobs immeasurably easier

“Since we launched UpBup at our group of schools it has made our jobs immeasurably easier! Parents liked the ease of the online system and how it allows them to easily make changes. I know they will love it when it’s time to renew all the paperwork again for a new school year! The forms are cleaner and easier to read”

- Lori Davis

Assistant Executive Director
Natick Campus
Tobin Family of Schools