Provider Capabilities

Automatically manage and monitor your enrollment process.

Physical Exam Assistant

Eliminates the never-ending effort of chasing down parents for annual physical exams

SMS Text Messaging

Easy distribution of personalized txt(SMS) messaging to mobile devices. Message both parents and staff.

Daily Form Tracker

Enables no-contact management of Daily Health Attestation or other daily forms.

Attendance Tracking

Staff managed attendance. Daily and Weekly reporting

Child Record’s Checklist

Auto generation of form submission dates to Mass EEC Child Record’s Checklist. Monitor and manage uploads from single tool and then print checklist when ready.

Enrollment Dashboard

Monitor which forms have been submitted and printed. Automatically Remind only parents who have not submitted.

Use your own forms

UpBup forms utilize your existing Word or PDF templates. Your forms will print with the same logos, fonts and consents you use today.


Print a form or packet of forms to file for licensing compliance. Each form is a unique PDF and includes electronic signature

Scan – Upload forms management

Ability to have parent upload any scan or image of form. Examples include IHCP, Photos, Driver Licenses, physical exams and evidence of vaccines.


Request any combination of parents or classrooms to submit a packet of forms or a single form.

Multi-site form support

Form reuse between sites but also can make unique site questions and forms.

Multi-site access control

Allow admins to access all centers, region or a specific center.

Parent engagement

Send messages to parents using your own email address. All messages are archived and always available at your finger tips.


Save every form submitted by either parent or legal guardian. When a parent submits a new form you can still view and print the old forms.

Branded Environment

Parents will see your name and logo when answering questions and submitting forms

Blended Family Support

UpBup supports single parents or a couple that have children from their current and previous relationships. Every family is unique and UpBup’s patent pending blended family technology ensures everyone can access, answer and submit the proper forms.


Designed for caring for child information – Based upon industry leading high security solutions. Secure connections, encrypted database and storage.


Parent Capabilities

Easily complete childcare enrollment forms

Complete forms on-line

Answer questions and then simply electronically sign and submit. No need to print, scan, upload, attach and email your forms.

Mobile responsive design

Easily complete forms and upload scans from mobile devices

Dual parent login

Either parent can login with their own username and password. No more sharing passwords!

Enforce Required Answers

Never receive an incomplete form again. Parents cannot electronically sign form until all required questions are answered.

Reuse info between children

Enter parent and pickup list contacts once for anyone in your family.

Info saved for future enrollments

Need to re-enroll the following year? Your information is saved so subsequent enrollments are faster.

No Printing

Save paper, ink and your time.


Designed for caring for child information – Based upon industry leading high security solutions. Secure connections, encrypted database and storage.

Cloud Based

Access with computer or tablet from anywhere.


View and print any previously submitted forms.

Blended Family Support (Patent-Pending)

Have children from different marriages ? UpBup supports form access by BOTH legal guardians. Each parent can access forms for their specific children.

Electronic Signatures

Electronically sign form following Uniform Electronic Transaction Act requirements

Fast completion of forms

Reuse answers between fill. Share contacts between siblings. Radio button and pick-many selections save time